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Eugène Jansson Blue Twilight and Naked Athletes

Eugène Jansson Blue Twilight and Naked Athletes

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The Swedish painter Eugène Jansson (1862-1915) has a wide reputation for his nocturnal images of the city of Stockholm in shades of blues. His vivid brushsstrokes and ambient atmosphere of mysticism, longing and melancholy marks the beginning of something radically new in Swedish painting. While these paintings soon caught the attention of the avant garde art world, his later paintings of naked men in bath houses, cirkuses and gymnasiums, where very much ignored. Today these images, often painted in a grand scale, fascinates and impresses scholars and public alike.

2012 marks the anniversary of Eugène Janssons 150th birthday which is being commemorated in two major exhibitions held at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde and at Thiels Gallery in Stockholm. This is the richly illustrated catalogue accompanying these exhibitions.

Authors:; Göran Söderlund, Patrik Steorn, Anna Meister

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    Cover: Hard cover with jacket
    Size: 220 x 285 mm
    Number of pages: 160
    ISBN: 9789173314978
    Publisher: Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde in cooperation with Carlsson bokförlag
    Publishing year: 2012
    Exhibition catalogue no 98:12
    Languague: Swedish with English summary

    Article nr: 10922