Dancers Artists and Lovers (på engelska)
Dancers Artists and Lovers (på engelska) i gruppen Produkter relaterade till aktuella utställningar hos Stiftelsen Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (3957664)
Dancers Artists and Lovers (på engelska)

Dancers Artists and Lovers (på engelska)

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In the post-war 1920s, new ideas flourished and a  creative desire for experimentation was born. A new avant-garde took shape. At its epicentre was an innovative dance troup who did not shy away from provoking their audiende: they called themselves the Ballets Suédois (The Swedish Ballet). Their leaders were the eccentric couple Rolf de Maré and Jean Börlin, but there were many co-creators. They collaborated with artists such as Nils Dardel, Francis Picabia and Fernand Léger and composers such as Erik Satie, Hugo Alfvén and Darius Milhaud, to name but a few. With their imaginative total artworkd featuring music, décor, choreography and costumes - and which at times even saw the audience taking part - the young company performed on stages around Europe and USA between 1920 and 1925. The Ballet Suédois were ahead of their time on many levels. They were queer long before queer became a concept in gender studies, and they created performance art before the term had even been coined.

This book highlights the company's importance for modernism as well as for future generations of creators. Ten chapters - written by art, dance, and music historians, theatre researchers and choreographers - tell the story of the Ballets Suédois.
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    Editor: Erik Mattson
    Published in 2020by Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing AB in collaboration with Dansmuseet.
    Print and binding: Livonia Print SIA, 2020 Latvia.
    Artnr: 3957664

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