Chasing Clouds. Prince Eugen's Summers at Örberga in the group Books / Prince Eugen at Stiftelsen Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (9174867164)
Chasing Clouds. Prince Eugen's Summers at Örberga

Chasing Clouds. Prince Eugen's Summers at Örberga

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(Text in Swedish)

Prince Eugen was bound to the Swedish rural landscape with strong ties, it being one of his major sources of inspiration. When he, in 1913, rented the vicarage of Örberga in the southeast of Sweden he was in raptures over a landscape where you could see “the sky as great as it is and all the light come pouring down on the earth'. He couldn't imaging a better place for his painting where he in 1916 had his summerhouse Örgården built. In this richly illustrated volume, Christina G Wistman, curator at the collection of Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, gives a detailed picture of the Prince's time in Örberga. With the help of the Prince's accounts and correspondence together with interviews with the local population this important and creative, but often neglected, period in his life is illuminated.

Author: Christina G Wistman

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    Cover: Hardcover with dust jacket
    Size: 175 x 245 mm (6.9' x 9.6')
    Weight: 527g
    Pages: 107
    ISBN: 9174867164
    Publisher: Bokförlaget Atlantis
    Publishing year: 2003
    Languague: Swedish

    Article nr: 9174867164