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Soap dish in enamel, white and blue
Soap dish in enamel from German Münder.
275 kr
Rose soap
When the roses in the garden of Waldemarsudde are in the height of their bloom the petals are picked by hand and distilled to ma...
This pot is suitable for most common houseplants, making it our best seller. It also works well as a vase for tulips and roses.#...
Prins Eugens värld av blommor och Waldemarsuddekrukan
(Text in Swedish, this book is also available in English)
295 kr
A gift favourite. A low and wide variety of our classic flowerpot, also designed by the Prince himself, he had it produced for p...
995 kr
Matchbox with motif from the old tiled stove
Cylindersshaped matchbox with motif from the old tiled stove at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde. The matches are long and  the&#...
45 kr
Tray, blue and white rose
Smaller breakfast tray in laquered wooden veneer. The motif is taken from a porcelain chimney in the Old House at Waldemarsudde.

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